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Victoria (Harl) xoxo
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United States
Hiya, Baybees! :squee: I'm Victoria, but you may know me better as Harl. :giggle: I'm just your average nerdy gal who loves to cosplay.

:iconlilythankyouplz: Thank you so much to new and faithful watchers alike!!! :love: :party: I'm now at 33,000+ page views and 658 watchers. :wow: :blushes: I just want to say thank you for sticking with me throughout this journey and I couldn't be any more appreciative than I already am for that. I just hope I can continue to improve my future and current cosplays for you and myself. As always feel free to suggest new cosplays for me! :) LOVE YA' BAYBEES! MWAH! :blowkiss:




Birthday: October 8th :party: :cake: :squee:

Location: KY or FL depending on time of the year. (I'm available for meet ups and photoshoots in WV and OH as well. :) )


-Harley from Mad Love (Nightie version)

-Harley from Batgirl Adventures #1/ Christmas version

- Dr. Harleen Quinzel

-DC Bombshell Statue

-Infinite Crisis Pajama Harley Quinn

DC other than Harl:

-Poison Ivy: Cover Girls Figure design by Adam Hughes

-Black Kryptonite Supergirl

-Raven: Teen Titans

-Miss J/ Fem Joker (original design)


-Gwen Stacy: Spider-Man :bulletred: (Done)

- MJ Watson: Spider-Man

-Rogue : Kotobukiya Bishoujo Figure Version

- Rogue: X-Men Evolution Version

- Black Cat: Terry Dodson Version

-Jubilee: X-men (Kotobukiya Design)

- Alice Liddell: Alice Madness Returns (main skin and London Dress)

-Catherine: Catherine

- Poison: Street Fighter

-Princess Peach: Babsdraws version

Anime/ Manga Cosplays:

- Blair: Soul Eater

-Yoko: TTGL (Maid Figure)

- Yoko: TTGL Bondage STARS Version

-Yoko: TTGL Casual STARS Version

-Kirino Kousaka: Oreimo

-Misty: Pokémon :bulletred: (Done)

-Panty: PSG

- Sailor Mars: Fruit Maid Artbook version

Tinkerbell: Peter Pan

-Hipster Ariel

CN/ Nickelodeon :

-Marie Kanker: Ed, Edd, and Eddy

- Fionna: Adventure Time
Movie/ TV:

-Morticia Addams: The Addams Family

-Lydia Deetz: Beetlejuice cartoon

-Lydia Deetz: Beetlejuice (wedding dress)

- Crysta: Ferngully
Kotobukiya Freddy Gender Bender

-Harley from B:TAS "Classic Version"
- Harley from Ame-Comi Girls!
- Harley from Injustice: Gods Among Us (Main skin and Alternate version)
Noflutter's Pirate Harley version
-Robin: Ame-Comi Girls!
Black Canary: All-Star Batman & Robin series
-Starfire: Teen Titans
-Tira : Soul Calibur (III, IV, V)
-Cammy White: Street Fighter
-Cyborg Original GlaDOS/ Caroline & Chell: Portal series
-Nanami: Kamisama Kiss
-Maka: Soul Eater
-Kagome : InuYasha
-Karin: Chibi Vampire
-Haruhi: Ouran High School Host Club
- Yoko: TTGL Pre-timeskip
Yoko: TTGL Bondage STARS Version
-Yoko: TTGL Flight Attendant STARS Version
-Tohru Honda: Fruits Basket
-Kiki: Kiki's Delivery Service
-Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon
Megara: Hercules
Kida: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
-Pocahontas: Pocahontas
- Alice: Alice in Wonderland
-Megara: Hercules
Ariel: The Little Mermaid
-Fa Mulan: Mulan
-Marceline: Adventure Time
-Coraline: Coraline
-Emily: Corpse Bride
-Daphne: Scooby-Doo
-Velma: Scooby-Doo
Amy Pond: Doctor Who
- Clara Oswin Oswald: Doctor Who


I'm always open to suggestions, in some cases I may be able to get them done faster than some I have listed. So if you want to throw one my way go right ahead.

-Asuka: Evangelion (Causal)* (Yamato Figure) (Plugsuit) (Asuka as Yoko)

-Motoko: Ghost In The Shell

-Faye Valentine: Cowboy Bebop

-Honey or Scarlet: Space Dandy

- Batgirl: DC

- Zatanna: DC

-Wonder Woman: DC

-Wonder Girl: DC

-Gamora: Marvel

- Emma Frost: Marvel

- Lady Deadpool : Marvel

- Domino: Marvel

-Mystique: Marvel

-Princess Peach : Mario games

- Ramona Flowers: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

- Various Dark Stalker Gals
UPDATE: YOKO WIG IS NOT COMING IN! :stupidme: Apparently the Ebay store let me order it even though it was out of stock so now I'm waiting for a refund. :( If anyone has any suggestions for wigs or is selling a Yoko wig let me know!

I've been back for a week and a few days and I'm super excited to be back in KY. :D Not that the beach isn't wonderful every time we go, but so I could finally work on cosplays again steadily. Sadly, there are no "cosplay fairies" that are going to sew them for me. :giggle: 

I hoped everyone liked my new Misty from Pokemon set! :squee: I loved watching the show when I was younger and thought it would be a good starting point to try out some anime characters I love. :love: Next time I really want to do some shots with a pokeball and some of her Pokemon like togepi, staryu, or psyduck. (Thanks :iconrouge-fox: for the hilarious idea with psyduck. :giggle: ) The wig was the first time I actually tried an advanced type of cut on a wig, but I think it turned out okay. ^^; 

While I was gone I purchased some fabric for: 
- Freddy Krueger Gender Bender: Kotobukiya Figure Version
- Yoko Littner: Maid Figure Version TTGL
- Alice Liddell (London Dress): Alice:  Madness Returns 
-Harley Quinn: Mad Love (nightie and cowl) 

Can anyone recommend any wig stores other than epiccosplaywigs and arda you like (maybe Ebay ones)? :D I love both of those, but it gets expensive after a while. Fabric store recommendations other than Joann Fabrics would be awesome as well! :D 

I also just bought a wig for Yoko! :iconloveloveplz: It's more of a darker/ maroon red like you voted for in the poll I made so hopefully when it gets here it isn't too dark. :D 

I know everyone was excited for Blair from Soul Eater as well, but there's no way I could finish her by Oct. now and have her look decent. :( I could do a casual version if I can get a wig and style it though. 
:heart: Would anyone be interested in helping me fund some cosplays (wigs, contact lenses, or fabric) and in return receiving a signed print of the cosplay(s) you helped with? :iconrubcheeksplz: If so let me know! :D Prints would be available after the 2nd week in October.  

For example: Help purchase wig for Poison from Street Fighter and recieve a signed print of Poison in Oct. ;) 

:bulletred: means will be done faster than others 
:bulletpurple: means needs a wig 

-Harley from Mad Love (Nightie version) :bulletred:

- Dr. Harleen Quinzel 

-Harley Quinn: DC Bombshell Statue :bulletred:

- Harley Quinn: Infinite Crisis Pajama  

-Black Kryptonite Supergirl :bulletpurple: 

-Raven: Teen Titans 

-Miss J/ Fem Joker (original design) :bulletpurple: 

- MJ Watson: Spider-Man (50% DONE) :bulletred:

-Rogue : Kotobukiya Bishoujo Figure Version (90% DONE) :bulletred:

- Rogue: X-Men Evolution Version :bulletred: :bulletpurple: 

- Black Cat: Terry Dodson Version 

 Alice Liddell: Alice Madness Returns  (London Dress) :bulletred: :bulletpurple: 

-Catherine: Catherine :bulletpurple: 

- Poison: Street Fighter :bulletred: :bulletpurple: 

-Cammy White: Street Fighter :bulletpurple: 

-Princess Peach: Babsdraws version :bulletpurple: 

-Hastune Miku: Vocaloid 

Yoko: TTGL (Maid Figure)

-Yoko: TTGL Casual STARS Version :bulletred: :bulletpurple: 

-Kirino Kousaka: Oreimo  :bulletpurple: 

-Panty: PSG :bulletpurple: 

-Marie Kanker: Ed, Edd, and Eddy (DONE NEEDS PHOTOS) 

- Fionna: Adventure Time (DONE NEEDS PHOTOS) :bulletred:

-Morticia Addams: The Addams Family :bulletred: :bulletpurple: 

-Lydia Deetz: Beetlejuice cartoon :bulletred:

-Lydia Deetz: Beetlejuice (wedding dress)

Kotobukiya Freddy Gender Bender :bulletred:

- Crysta: Ferngully 

:iconlilythankyouplz: Thank you so much to new and faithful watchers alike!!! Love Party I'm now at 32,000+ page views and 639 watchers. Wow! Blush I just want to say thank you for sticking with me throughout this journey and I couldn't be any more appreciative than I already am for that. I just hope I can continue to improve my future and current cosplays for you and myself. As always feel free to suggest new cosplays for me! :) (Smile) LOVE YA' BAYBEES! MWAH! Here's a kiss for you, my love!

  • Drinking: Peach Tea

Which wig color do you prefer for Poison from Street Fighter? :D 

17 deviants said Milkshake Pink…
6 deviants said Dark/ Hot Pink…
3 deviants said Mix of purple and pink…
2 deviants said Light Pink…
1 deviant said I will buy it for you too! :D -insert wishful thinking here-
1 deviant said Comment/ Suggestion


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